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Build an equitable workplace to retain top talent, lower legal risks, and increase employee engagement – with Sysarb’s intelligent Pay Transparency platform.

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Make Pay Transparency Your Competitive Advantage

Discover the power of Pay Transparency. Research shows that organizations that make rewards and recognition fair and equitable are 5X more likely to have exceptional growth. Our AI-powered platform is loved by +10,000 professionals across +60 countries and the number of fans is growing daily.

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Pay Clarity Through Pay Transparency

The EU Pay Transparency Directive will truly change the landscape of compensation and will challenge the current compensation processes for all organizations of any size. So, are you ready?

Let our platform and team of experts help you become compliant and ready for the new era of pay transparency. Let’s not wait, but rather be proactive and get a head-start on your competitors within this field.

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“I have worked with Sysarb for 5 years at several clients including (Klarna, The Absolut Company & Trustly) and can truly recommend them. The platform is user-friendly, convenient and you always get first class support from their customer success and consultants.”

Marie Wikander
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“At polestar we believe in equal pay for equal work and with Sysarb we can easily visualize and analyze the outcome of our equal pay analysis and constantly improve our work.”

Andrea Forsman
Compensation & benefit specialist
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“For us, it is obvious to give all Avalanchers the conditions to perform at their peak while making them feel appreciated and included. In Sysarb, we have found a reliable and user-friendly tool that helps us ensure fair and equal compensation, while making the salary structure transparent to our managers.”

Cajsa Schüllerqvist
People Process Development Specialist


Pay Transparency Tools That Matters

Sysarb is your all-in-one single platform for Pay Transparency initiatives. Start today with a click of a button and make this your competitive edge.

Pay Equity Analysis

Explore our groundbreaking AI-powered Pay Equity module: Analyze salary discrepancies, optimize compensation fairness, and ensure workforce equality with intelligent, data-driven insights.

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Salary Review

Still doing your Performance & Salary Review in Excel? Then it's time to optimize this process with our streamlined Salary Review Module. A module loved by HR, CEOs and managers all over the world.

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Our Pay Equity experts will support you through your fair pay journey and helping you unlocking the power of building an equitable workplace.

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Job architecture

Elevate your workforce with our Job Architecture Framework including job catalogues, career paths and pay grades, enabling a transparent compensation model.

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Benchmark Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your compensation structures through our benchmark analytics tool and optimize your compensation strategies.

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Real-time data through over 40 integrations

Sysarb connects directly to you HR, ATS and payroll software, saving you time from filling out spreadsheet and enables you to work with real-time data and track your pay equity progression. Our integrations is also plug n play and connects you in minutes.


Equity In The Workplace - Explore the Benefits

Since pay and rewards are a company's most significant investment, crafting a robust compensation strategy is vital. Yet, many organizations miss the opportunity to unleash the potential of building an equitable workplace. We can show you how.


Employee satisfaction

Pay transparency leads to higher satisfaction due to increased trust and fairness within the organization.


Diversity and inclusion

Transparent pay structures result in greater diversity by ensuring equal compensation for all demographics.



Organizations with pay transparency see an increase in productivity and employee engagement.


Employer branding

Pay transparency makes organizations more attractive to top talent, signaling fairness and openness.


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