We Create Fair Employers

For almost 20 years we have helped our clients unlock the power of building equitable workplaces that retain talent, lower legal risks and increase employment engagement. Today, Sysarb is regarded as one of the leading voices creating equal workplaces.


We Are Growing Fast, Which Means You Can Too

Join our scale-up and make the world a better place by helping organizations unlock the power of creating equitable workplaces. We are always open for talent and look forward to meet with you. Check out all of our open positions at the link below.

What We Do?

Sysarb has for almost 20 years helped clients create transparent, rewarding and successful organizations through the power of pay equity.

Our mindset is centered around “Equal Pay for Equal Work” and today, Sysarb is one of the fastest growing HR-tech companies in Europe empowering over 500 clients within 60+ counties with our unique product portfolio.

Why We Do It?

Our world is not fair or equal, period. We decided 20 years ago to be part of the solution because employees of today demands a Fair Workplace.

They evaluate potential job openings based on how the Employer act, not only what they say. Fairness, Diversity and Pay Equity are no longer just buzz words, it is standards that Employees keep their Employers accountable for and we help them achieve it.

Where Are We Going?

Our vision is to “Create fair employer”. We dream about a world without discrimination, where everyone is treated fair, equal and the norm is that CEOs and investors see the competitive advantage in building equitable workplaces.

The journey has just started and we have quite a ride before we are done. Let’s take one step at a time and together change the world.