Compensation Benchmark

To be more competitive in today’s hyper-competitive labor market, it is crucial to have reliable and relevant compensation data for your company and job positions. This information helps you determine where to focus your budget and ensure you are offering fair compensation to attract potential candidates and retain current employees.

Competitive Edge in Your Talent Acquisition

Sysarbs salary benchmarking survey offers over 20 years of experience and comprehensive data from various industries. The database covers all skill levels and career streams, from traditional roles to emerging positions, enhancing your talent strategy.

With data from +1 million employees, you can efficiently and effectively assess your rewards strategy, giving you a competitive edge in talent acquisition and compensation benchmarking.

What Do Our Clients Say?

You Are In Good Company


Marie Wikander

COO @Wndy

I have worked with Sysarb for 5 years at several clients including (Klarna, The Absolut Company & Trustly) and can truly recommend them. The platform is user-friendly, convenient and you always get first class support from their customer success and consultants.”

Annika Holm

Annika Holm

CHRO @Rusta

“We employ over 4000 employees in Europe & Asia and wanted to create a transparent, digital, and efficient way to do our salary review and pay equity analysis. Sysarb has been a true partner in this journey and helped us improve tenfold.”