Guides 1 min Published: 2022-07-15

Are You Aware of the Meaning of EU Pay Transparency Directive?

Are you aware of the meaning of EU Pay Transparency Directive? Or do you need some guidance? We’re here to help you!

Listen to Sysarb’s CEO Daniel Edenholm and Sales Manager Timmy Lundin talk about everything you need to know about the Pay Transparency Directive.

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Sysarb was founded 16 years ago with the aim of helping companies and organizations become more equal with reduced pay gaps between genders. We help around 500 satisfied customers annually to smoothly carry out a pay equity analysis and confirm a fair salary setting and address the effects and sources of gender disparities in the workplace. Companies face several challenges with the EU directive. Our approach to equal pay and analysis of the internal labor market will help your organization get conditions to become a more equal and fair company. We want to change the global view of pay and create transparency, justice, and impact.

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