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Four Reasons Why Gender Equality is Crucial in the Workplace

‍The value of Gender Equality is obviously important since all human beings are entitled to their equal rights regardless of gender, ethnicity, and other individual factors. But even though it seems like we are already on the path towards equality, we still have a long way to go before we reach an equal society.

The workplace is where most people spend majority of their time and it’s of great importance that we achieve an equal environment. Some of the biggest benefits of gender equality in the workplace are listed below.


Studies have shown that workplaces with good gender equality also have staff with better health. Equal workplace means everyone can work and develop their full potential without being hindered by gender stereotypical norms, beliefs, and traditions. Equal working conditions create good integration between genders, in which leads to fewer disputes and harassment in the workplace.

Bigger Market

Women spend more time every day than men making financial decisions – from consumer goods to services. Women have decisive purchasing power. In fact, women drive 70-80 percent of all consumer purchases, through a combination of their purchasing power and influence. Diversity makes the team better by considering different perspectives and viewpoints. Achieving gender equality in the workplace is not only ethical, it is critical to the bottom line.

High Performance Team

The Swedish consulting company Deloitte conducted a survey that deals with inclusive leadership in the workplace about responding to people and groups with justice, considering each person’s unique characteristics. The result showed that the inclusive team performs 80% better than the less inclusive team. Also, the intelligence in a group increases with a diversified team, which makes it easier to solve difficult tasks.


The American independent, nonpartisan research organization Peterson Institute for International Economics conducted a comprehensive survey based on data from nearly 22,000 companies in 91 countries. The study investigated whether the presence of women among top managers can affect a company’s profit. The result showed the great benefits of having female top managers in a company. Companies with over 30 percent women in management had up to 6 percent higher profits than companies that had no women among top managers at all.

With all these being mentioned, who wouldn’t want to achieve benefits such as better health, great performance and higher profitability within the company? Equal companies are more likely to lead with success in the long run. Does your company or management team need help finding the way to achieve gender equality in the workplace?

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