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How to Create Trust in the Team

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle when you want people to feel good and deliver good results is to create a feeling of trust within the team. Building trust is very crucial when it comes to success within the company. Here are five ways to achieve it!

Let’s take it from the beginning. What exactly is trust? In all types of relationships, whether it’s with a life partner, a friend or a colleague, trust is something that is mutual and takes time to build. Trust is about feeling secure and comfortable with someone. You can predict how that person will act in certain situations and you can be assured that the person only wants what’s best for you.

There are two types of trust that you should know about. Practical trust and Emotional trust. These two can be developed in different ways and at the same time work synergistically.

Practical trust is the more traditional type of trust, one that usually comes first to mind when thinking about trusting someone. You will earn this type of trust by meeting deadlines, showing up in time to meetings and getting your work done. If this kind of trust doesn’t exist, it can lead to deficient communication and decreased productivity.

Emotional trust is a type of trust that people are not commonly aware of. It’s more complex than practical trust. Emotional trust is created in interactions and relationships at work. If you have a colleague at work that you also see as a friend, there is likely a lot of emotional trust between you. This kind of trust includes feelings like empathy, security, good will, and helpfulness.

We have listed 5 effective ways to build trust within the team

1. Build relationships

Trust is something that is built over time. Create opportunities to spend time with your team. Considering that many people work remote today, it’s even more important to sometimes, when possible, meet face to face and get to know each other.

2. Communicate and listen

Communication is a key aspect when it comes to creating trust. Miscommunication could have a negative impact on credibility within the team. Try to communicate in a clear way that minimizes misunderstanding. Also, being a good listener is as important as being a good communicator.

3. Be transparent

Be brave enough to talk about your thoughts and ideas. Be open about your failures and your feelings. Share important information with the people you collaborate with, and you’ll have the grounds to be a successful team.

4. Show loyalty and respect

Trust doesn’t come for free; it needs to be earned. Be loyal and respectful to your team members, and you will probably get it back. Treat others the way you want to be treated.  

5. Be caring

Show your colleagues that you care about them. Ask about their weekend, how their loved ones are doing and show that you’re there for them especially when they need someone to talk to. It’s those small everyday interactions that makes the biggest difference.

Remember, whether you’re an experienced manager or starting in your career, it’s crucial that you build trust with those around you to become a successful company.

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