Sysarbs Job Architecture

Sysarb has developed a new job architecture framework that enables our clients to create their own job architecture including pay grades, career transparency and supporting the EU Pay Transparency Directive.

What Is a Job Architecture?

A job architecture is a visualization and description of all the organization’s job profiles and how these relate to each other based on degree of difficulty, responsibility and complexity.

A job architecture also includes a leveling for different positions and job families. This enables better compensation analyzes as well as the opportunity to link your other HR processes to the structure, such as career development, recruitment, etc.

What Does the EU Pay Transparency Directive Say About a Job Architecture?

In short, the new EU directive on pay transparency will require organizations in Europe to introduce a centralized job architecture in order to be compliant with the EU directive.

As the new directive requires organizations to present salary ranges for all job profiles and make career paths transparent for all employees, a traditional job evaluation will no longer be sufficient.

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Why should one have a job architecture?

There are many great reasons of why one should implement a job architecture. Some of them are:

1. Transparency and a clear structure: A clearly defined job architecture provides clarity and transparency regarding areas of responsibility, complexity and assignments for each job profile, which creates a good structure for fair and transparent salary setting, recruitment and promotion.

2. Career paths and development: By defining the leveling and relationship between all job profiles within the organization, transparent career paths are created for the employees. This can increase motivation and commitment as well as clarify internal job opportunities for employees.

3. Fairness and equality: By having a job architecture, an organization can also ensure fairness and equality in the treatment of its employees from a salary setting perspective aswell as promotion and recruitment. Add Image

What Do Our Clients Say?

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Marie Wikander

COO @Wndy

I have worked with Sysarb for 5 years at several clients including (Klarna, The Absolut Company & Trustly) and can truly recommend them. The platform is user-friendly, convenient and you always get first class support from their customer success and consultants.”

Annika Holm

Annika Holm

CHRO @Rusta

“We employ over 4000 employees in Europe & Asia and wanted to create a transparent, digital, and efficient way to do our salary review and pay equity analysis. Sysarb has been a true partner in this journey and helped us improve tenfold.”