News 2 min Published: 2023-10-04

Sysarb x 4human for Pay Transparency

4human and Sysarb have entered into an exclusive partnership in Norway to ensure Pay Transparency. This will be a significant step forward in the pursuit of greater workplace transparency and will also promote fairness and equity in compensation practices.

Sysarb and 4human partnership

Sysarb and 4human has entered into an exclusive agreement, which enables the Norwegian market to get access to the best HRIS platform in connection with the best Pay Transparency platform in the market. The aim of the partnership is to make it easier to find systematic pay inequalities between men and women, and to give employees the right to information about whether they are treated equally with their colleagues in the same group/company.

4human CEO Bjornar T. Andersen

Bjørnar T. Andersen

CEO @ 4Human

“Today’s labor market evaluates potential career opportunities based on how employers act, not just what they say. Fairness, diversity, and equality are no longer just “buzzwords”, but something employees hold their employer accountable for and which the pay transparency module helps to achieve. The collaboration with Sysarb ensures an additional dimension and value in our offer to the market towards eliminating the pay gap”

Visma Tech Festival Inspires Collaboration for EU Pay Transparency Directive

The collaboration was launched during the Visma Tech Festival during a lecture from 4human & Sysarb about the new “EU Pay Transparency Directive”, which includes with the subject of pay transparency. One of the most important requirements in the directive is that it must give the employee the right to information about whether or not they are treated equally compared to their colleagues in the same organization, as well as tools to claim the right to fair pay. All organizations in the EU are required to implement this by June 2026 at the latest.

Everyone who works with HR and Total Rewards will be affected by the directive in the years ahead. Putting plans in place to ensure a seamless transition is key. Those who proactively show commitment and tackle the challenge will be in the best position. Sysarb’s solution for pay transparency is integrated directly as a module in 4human’s HR system.

Sysarbs VD Oscar Meivert

Sysarb looks forward to working with 4human to create positive synergies across our platforms in the Norwegian market. When Sysarb’s Pay transparency platform meets 4human’s HR system, our customers will have the opportunity to implement the new EU directive seamlessly

Oscar Meivert

CEO @ Sysarb AB

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