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Pay Transparency trends for the future

Sysarb is often asked for predictions about pay transparency and pay equity. We don’t have a crystal ball but here are some of the key trends we are seeing.

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Companies Speed Up for EU Pay Transparency

The rate of change in preparation for the EU Pay Transparency directive will start to accelerate. The “Early majority” in this space will be joining the “Innovators” as companies prepare for the 2026 Pay Transparency Deadline.

Late Majority Faces Resource Struggles for Deadline

The final group, the “Late Majority” are going to struggle with finding adequate resources (time, financial and professional support) when they realise they could miss the deadline, exposing them to litigation and employee disquiet.

Clearing the Path for HR with Pay Equity, Transparency, and Gap Definitions

As this happens, there will be more confusion over the terminology. For instance, around pay equity, pay transparency and the pay gap. There will be a need for clear definitions and HR teams will have to succinctly explain and document those differences for their organisation.

Seizing Decade-Defining Opportunities with Pay Transparency Implementation

The implementation of pay transparency is providing a once in a decade opportunity to redefine some critical relationships around compensation. For instance, some of our clients are agreeing their future engagement requirements with social partners. Others are reviewing the role of line managers to make pay decisions without “policing” by HR.

Unlocking Insights as Companies Share Pay Transparency Experiences

There will be more data on other companies’ experiences being shared in the coming months, so you can learn from best practice (and, importantly, what to avoid).

Pay Equity Analysis platform

Sysarb: Your Pay Equity and Pay Transparency Partner. Let’s Connect!

The next few years are going to be interesting, seeing how things develop further, and Sysarb is here to help you. Not only do we provide pay equity analysis through our AI-powered software, we also provide pay transparency consulting expertise. We’d be delighted to explore these and other topics with you.

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