News 1 min Published: 2023-10-23

Pay Transparency, should you be worried?

When we tell people that we work for Sysarb focussing on pay transparency, some are confused. The first question is, “so what is pay transparency about?”. Followed by, “Oh, I see. Should I be worried?”.


Pay transparency will be a fundamental change to the way in which employers report and share pay
data with their employees and job candidates. New legislation is arriving across the whole of the EU,
building on existing country standards for pay equity and gender pay gap reporting, to achieve a
minimum standard. The deadline for this is 7 June 2026.

Stricter Pay Equity Rules for Employers

For employers, the rules around pay inequity will be tightened and there are significant penalty costs for those who don’t follow the rules.

There is also a change in responsibility for proving pay is fair. In most member states, employees have to prove that they are unfairly paid. Under the new rules, organisations will have to defend their pay decisions instead. This will not be easy to do unless companies have thought about and documented their pay and career progression strategies.

For employees, it means they will know average pay information by gender for those doing similar work, together with their employer’s pay practices and how promotions are possible.

Sysarb – Your Pay Equity Partner for compliance

With experts at Sysarb to guide organisations and a while until the deadline, employers do not need to be worried. With our intelligent Pay Transparency platform, we support with pay equity analysis and have a consulting team who can guide organisations to successfully implement pay transparency and define their pay strategy. Done in time for the deadline, Sysarb can help avoid all the pitfalls and potential fines and costs.

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