News 1 min Published: 2024-02-05

Sysarb Partners with Top Rewards Consultancy

Sysarb and Perform & Pay have entered a partnership in Finland to ensure Pay Transparency and pay equity for the Finnish enterprise clients. This will be a significant step forward in the pursuit of greater workplace transparency in Finland and help local companies get ready for the EU Pay Transparency directive.

Perform & Pay
Paul Puustinen

Paul Puustinen

Founding partner @ Perform & Pay

“We are very happy with partnering up with Sysarb who a renowned leader within is pay equity analytics and has a long track-record of helping clients in the Nordics. Since Sysarb also has a close collaboration with Gradar, our strategic partner for building job architectures and pay structures for our clients, we know this is a win-win-win and a perfect fit for many of our clients.”

Timmy Lundin

Perform & Pay is exactly the type of partner we enjoy working with. Highly skilled, long track-record and most important of all, great people. With this partnership will we be able to address the Finnish market together and support clients in their journey towards pay transparency and pay equity

Timmy Lundin

Partner & CSO @ Sysarb AB

Breakfast seminar on Pay Transparency

To celebrate our partnership we are inviting HR Leaders & reward professionals to a free breakfast seminar on the topic “Practical solutions for pay transparency challenges” We will demonstrate how Sysarb helps global companies in managing pay transparency and reporting requirements, and present how simplifies Job Architecture and pay range design.  The seminar will be held at Siltasaarenkatu 10, Helsinki the 29th of February 08.30-09.45.

To register, please send an email to [email protected].

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