News 1 min Published: 2024-02-15

Sysarb & gradar Announce Strategic Partnership

Collaboration Demonstrates Importance of Pay Transparency

Sysarb, one of the world’s leading pay transparency software solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with gradar, a powerful job evaluation and compensation platform.

With the EU Pay Transparency Directive already changing the landscape of compensation and the importance of equitable rewards structures, it’s more crucial than ever for organisations to stay compliant with new pay transparency legislation.

Through its partnership with gradar, a software that uses job grading as the basis for building job architectures, generating job descriptions and performing pay analytics, Sysarb has solidified its market position at the forefront of pay transparency.

By leveraging gradar’s core functionality of point-factor-based job evaluation – a formal requirement of the EU Pay Directive – Sysarb will go a step beyond its current job architecture framework and give clients an even more robust solution to build an equitable workplace.

By combining gradar’s job architecture design and compensation structuring with Sysarb’s equal pay analysis and expertise on pay transparency, users of both platforms will now have total certainty when it comes to creating fair compensation structures and ensuring compliance with emerging legislation.

The collaboration confirms both companies’ commitment to promoting pay transparency in Europe and marks a major milestone as companies seek innovative solutions to equal pay problems.

Timmy Lundin

“We are super-excited about this partnership since it completes the last puzzle in our service portfolio to really enable 100% compliance with the pay transparency directive. Together, we will form a very unique offering on the market that will be a game-changer for the industry.”

Timmy Lundin

Partner & CSO @ Sysarb AB

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