News 1 min Published: 2023-09-07

Sysarb x PandaDoc partnership for increased Pay Transparency

Sysarb and PandaDoc are embarking on an exciting collaboration with the aim of enhancing PandaDoc’s workplace transparency. The effort is geared towards promoting the implementation of the new EU directive to contribute to pay equity and transparency.

Sysarb and PandaDoc partnership for increased pay transparency

PandaDoc is a world leading SaaS provider of cloud-based document management and e-signature solutions. When they discovered that Sysarb offers workshops for companies interested in pay transparency and getting ready for the EU pay transparency directive, they decided to participate and involve their Total rewards team. 

Following a valuable workshop together with Sysarbs partner Nordic Reward Partners, they decided to take advantage of Sysarb’s offer for a complimentary review of pay transparency at PandaDoc. It was an opportunity PandaDoc quickly seized and gained many insightful experiences from.

The workshop included, among other things, a comparison between the EU directive and the existing regulations in the USA. The review explored tools, compensation analysis, and strategies to reduce the gender pay gap. This wealth of information deepened understanding and left the Total Rewards team at PandaDoc with an increased sense of confidence and plan to tackle the new era of Pay Transparency. 

To my esteemed colleagues in the Compensation and Benefits network, if you are seeking external expertise to assess your progress in implementing salary transparency and gender pay disparities within your company, I recommend that you contact Sysarb today.

Tomasz Rey

Total Rewards Manager @ PandaDoc

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