News 2 min Published: 2022-09-30

Sysarb partner up with the cloud-based accounting platform Fortnox

‍We are very excited to announce our new partner, Fortnox! This integration between Sysarb and the cloud-based accounting platform, Fortnox will give you a time-saving, secured and up-to-date data.

Here is a quick interview with Johan Widenberg at Fortnox about our integration and how it can benefit our customers.

Johan Widenberg, Key Account Manager – Partnership and Integration at Fortnox

Who is Fortnox and what do you do?

Fortnox AB (publ) is a business platform that connects people, companies, and organizations. We help companies start, grow and develop. With smart technical products, solutions and services, and the opportunity to connect them with hundreds of external parties, we are a hub for business in Sweden. Our vision is to create a prosperous society shaped by successful companies. Fortnox was founded in 2001 and has headquarters in Växjö and offices in Malmö, Linköping and Stockholm. The share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

How does the collaboration or integration between Sysarb and Fortnox simplify the work for the community?

As a business platform, we always need many different types of services. Today, Fortnox has over 450,000 companies that use various parts of our range. Through smart collaborations via integrations such as with Sysarb, we give users in Fortnox the opportunity to get a good picture of their salary mapping and market analysis of the current situation in their organization. By finding solutions for companies together, we give them better conditions to grow.

Why is it important with integrations for Fortnox?

Integrations are incredibly important to us. Through integrations, we can offer companies in collaboration with other software suppliers the opportunity to start, grow and develop with us as a company platform. The needs of entrepreneurs are changing, and with these, we can use other external solutions to help companies develop and expand.

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