News 2 min Published: 2022-11-16

Sysarb teams up with consulting firm Sweden HR Group

Sysarb is teaming up with the HR consulting firm Sweden HR Group! We reached out to Tove Westrup, Chief Operating Officer and consultant at Sweden HR Group, for a quick interview about our collaboration and what they do at their organization.

Tove Westrup

COO, HR & organisational development consultant

Who is Sweden HR Group and what do you do?

We make organizations stronger! Sweden HR Group is a consulting firm specialized in HR/People & Culture. The result of our delivery is always a motion, a motion where the business is in constant focus. Through projects and continuous delivery, we develop and strengthen leaders and employees as well as processes, structures, and competencies.

We always work in teams, which offers our clients the benefit of having a whole HR/People & Culture- department at their disposal – regardless of the size of the organization and/or task.

How does the collaboration between Sysarb and Sweden HR Group simplifies the work for the community?

As HR consultants we ensure our clients compliance in the salary audit process, and we take full responsibility for the entire Pay Equity Analysis, from planning and set up to implementation, analysis, and reporting. The help from an intelligent and structured system as Sysarb provides a more effective, structured, and intuitive process.

I´ve heard Sweden HR Group has a podcast, what is it about and where can I find it?

Yes, we do! It is named “Sweden HR group” and is a podcast for those interested in HR and employment law. You will hear Nanette Brink, Karolina Lilja and Göran Smedberg talk about various topics and cases that are on their table at the moment. In the latest episodes we’ve been talking about the new employment protection act (LAS) and how it can influence different parties in the labor market. It might sound a bit dull for some people, but it is quite interesting and fun to listen to! You will find our podcast on several different streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Podcast.Visit Sweden HR Group website here.

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