News 1 min Published: 2023-04-05

Sysarb teams up with the HR on demand platform WNDY

We are very happy to partner up with the HR on demand platform Wndy. We reached out to Marie Wikander, Chief Operating Officer at Wndy, about our integration and how it simplifies the work for the community.

Marie Wikander, COO Wndy

Marie Wikander

COO Wndy

Who is Wndy and what do you do?

Wndy is your digital on-demand HR department. We provide easy access to HR professionals through a video call. Get instant help with your HR issues. Add agreements or services as you need them. You’ll find everything you need in our web app.

How does the collaboration or integration between Sysarb and Wndy simplifies the work for the community?

Combining the best possible tool with the best HR support is what makes this so amazing for business owners and leaders. The collaboration between Sysarb and Wndy allows you to try a tool based pay equity analysis in a smooth way, as a Wndy HR professional will help you through the whole process.

What is the best part of having your HR – support online?

Wndy revolutionizes the way of making HR support accessible no matter the size of your business. Entrepreneurs and business owners are problem solvers, we provide them with the support they need in their day to day business.

Are you interested in learning more about what Wndy has to offer? Click here!

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