Pay Equity Analysis

Explore the most dynamic, powerful and efficient pay equity ​analysis software on the market developed together with some of the most forward leaning organizations in the world.

Our obsession of creating fair employers has been the foundation when developing our platform and has resulted in a growing list of +10 000 users loving Sysarb.

Pay Equity Software developed Together With Our Clients

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Advancing Pay Equity Through Compensation Analysis.

Ensure fair compensation for your employees and become compliant in a few clicks with our pay equity analysis tool. How does the processes of conducting a pay equity analysis look like?

Our platform will automate your analysis based on artificial intelligence that identify unjust salary disparities based on your dataset including gender, age, performance, company tenure, ethnicity, etc. You can then experiment in real-time with individual salary levels to resolve pay inequities and calculate cost of your fair pay adjustments.

When you are done with your analysis you can easily download your reports in order to meet local pay equity regulations.

How To Conduct a Pay Equity Analysis?

Doing your pay equity analysis should be easy, efficient and value creating for your organisation. Our pay equity analysis software will guide you through the following steps in order to be compliant.

Step 1 – Import your data through our list of integrations.

Step 2 – Analyze your data through the lens of our AI and statistical analysis.

Step 3 – Download your reports.

Step 4 – Communicate with your organisation and improve your practices.

What Is a Pay Equity Analysis?

A pay equity analysis is a systematic examination of compensation practices within an organization to determine whether there are any disparities or inequities in pay based on factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, or other protected characteristics. The pay equity analysis aims to identify and address any unjustifiable wage gaps or pay disparities that may exist.

How to conduct a gender pay equity analysis?

The process typically involves gathering and analyzing relevant data, including employee salaries, job titles, experience levels, and other relevant factors that may influence compensation. The data is then evaluated to assess whether there are any significant differences in pay between different groups of employees, such as men and women or individuals from different racial or ethnic backgrounds, controlling for legitimate factors that may impact compensation.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

You Are In Good Company


Marie Wikander

COO @Wndy

I have worked with Sysarb for 5 years at several clients including (Klarna, The Absolut Company & Trustly) and can truly recommend them. The platform is user-friendly, convenient and you always get first class support from their customer success and consultants.”

Annika Holm

Annika Holm

CHRO @Rusta

“We employ over 4000 employees in Europe & Asia and wanted to create a transparent, digital, and efficient way to do our salary review and pay equity analysis. Sysarb has been a true partner in this journey and helped us improve tenfold.”