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Our Passion

Since 2005 Sysarb has supported employers ​worldwide to create fair and competitive salary ​structures. We always say — passion lead us ​here. We believe that organizations who work ​with equity on a consistent basis have biggest ​opportunity to achieve their goals. Diversity and ​equity are the keys to liberate the true potential ​within your organization.

Our Plattform

In our platform our customers can track ​KPI:s for salary structures which give them ​profound insights to their organization and ​creates possibilities for our customer to ​work data-driven and take decisions based ​on true facts rather than gut feeling. 

By applying best practice, a cutting edge ​platform together with a team of expertly ​trained consultants, we believe that we truly ​can change the landscape of equal pay. ​Sysarb is today operating in over 50 ​country’s and helping over 450 organization ​to create an fair workplace. Such as Scania, ​Lidl, Rusta & Greenpeace.
rättvisa löner

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