This is Sysarb

Imagine a world where both men and women have an equal pay for equal work, where gender equality is given and where ethnic or racial discrimination does not exist. This is Sysarb, this is our why, our DNA, this is what we are going to create.

Our story

Sysarb was founded out of frustration that salary setting often is unfair and unequal. We refused to be part of that reality and decided to do something about it.

Therefore, we created a platform for salary setting that we are very passionate about sharing! Sixteen years later, we offer employers tools, counseling, and services for a better salary setting. Our customers can be sure to always set fair salaries, that motivate employees to do their very best.
Sysarb is driven by a continuous spirit of progress, joy, and courage. We attract the best employees in the industry, which means we can push the boundaries of what we previously thought was impossible even further.

We dream of changing the global perception of salary and creating transparency, fairness, and impact.

Do you want to change the world with us?

This is what we offer you as an employee at Sysarb


Sysarb is a flexible workplace where you have great opportunities to set up your work as you wish. We prioritize your health and encourage you to spend time on your well-being.

Fulfilling work

At Sysarb, you'll get fun and meaningful tasks. You also have the power to be involved and have influence over the company’s next step as well as the global view of salary.


At Sysarb, we love spending time with each other. After signing new deals or releasing new updates of our software, we look forward to meeting up with each other just to relax and have fun.

Life at Sysarb

We are always looking for talented people! Maybe you're one of them?

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