Our pay equity experts will personally guide you to the world's greatest salary setting!

Our pay equity experts are the most qualified when it comes to pay equity analysis and salary setting. We will support you with salary policy, salary criteria, salary strategies so you can keep growing your organization and work strategically with salary.
Pay Equity Experts - consultancy
Pay Equity Experts

Our experts take your pay equity analysis to the next level

A pay equity analysis is supposed to be easy, fun, and bring value to your organization. If you need support from a pay equity analysis consultant, here we are! We would love to support you in your process with salary policy, salary criteria, job evaluation, salary strategies, documentation, and much more. We will tailor a plan to lift your entire organization and see you succeed!

Counseling and guidance in your salary setting

As a manager, you need to keep your eyes open when it comes to salary setting. We would like to help clarify your part and your responsibilities, and explain the link between salary setting and leadership. We also know how to create a positive atmosphere in your salary discussions, and we know how motivation can lead to higher employee performance. So, collect all managers in your organization and let us educate them in the worlds greatest salary setting.
Pay Equity Experts - Salary setting
Pay Equity Experts - Tailored Consultation

Tailored consultation

As you probably already guessed, we are open to supporting your organization in any way possible, whatever you prefer. Salary discussions, pay equity analysis, salary criteria—well pretty much anything to do with salary is something we can support you with. Humbly, you can call us experts in salary setting. Contact us, and we will tailor a plan that will fit your organization perfectly.

More questions? 

You’re about to create a lot of value for your organization. Let us tailor a demo for you, and show how we can create a success story together. You won’t regret it!

Martina Larsson

Customer Success Manager