Pay Equity Analysis

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Carrying out a pay equity analysis is the very best way to ascertain that salaries in your organization are equal. Our tool supports you throughout the process, in everything from job evaluation to in-depth salary analyses and salary comparisons. It also allows you to experiment with salary levels directly in the tool—with a complete final report as a result.
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Pay equity analysis software - Overview

Data-driven analysis

A pay equity analysis is not rocket science, we call it data science! In our dashboard, we collect KPI:s for your salaries and give you profound insights into your organization. Because of this, you can make data-driven decisions that will make your organization move forward to be an equal workplace. We help you make an impact and become more data-driven!

Flexible and tailored job evaluation

Our pay equity analysis tool has a flexible job evaluation method that we tailor to your specific organization, regardless of its size and character. The job evaluation follows a structured process where our tool automatically identifies equivalent jobs and pay gaps in a hierarchical analysis, which will give you profound insights. Either keep your current job evaluation or use our templates.
Pay equity analysis software - Work Evaluation
Pay equity analysis software - Ai technology

Smooth analysis with AI

We are focused on giving you opportunities to explore your salary levels, identify pay gaps and act on them. Therefore, we have been developing sophisticated functions that analyze your pay data, where our tool supports you all the way. Try to experiment with salary levels on individuals to see a real-time change in the pay ratio, filter on pay range, age, organizational codes, and much more. In our platform, you can explore your pay data from multiple points of view to come to the right conclusions.

Create your final documentation in a click

Creating the final documentation is often time consuming, and you might get a vague result that includes many numbers without explanation and logic. So, we built a function that creates the documentation for you, and it comes with explained diagrams and KPI:s, pedagogical enough to use in any management or board meeting. The report is used to evaluate your organization so you can change the equality mindset from top to bottom.
Pay equity analysis software - Final documentation

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