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Having a consistent salary setting process is the key to motivated leaders and employees. We dream that every leader should have the right tools and conditions to set fair salaries. Therefore, we have created a tool that includes discussions, performance management, performance review, and salary setting.
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Data-driven modern salary setting process

With a well-structured process for salary setting, every manager and employee can focus on what gives value. Through the years, we have met many organizations without a structured process for manager-employee-dialogs, even when it comes to salary. This causes frustration which can poses a risk to the organization. Our salary setting tool unifies organizations and improves the salary setting process to make managers and employees more involved and engaged. Everything is handled online and saved to the cloud.

Transparent communication

To enable every employee to reach his or her fullest potential, a manager needs to communicate what is expected from an employee. It is important to have transparent communication in your discussions on goals, performance, and salary. Handle all parts of your discussions in our platform. The documentation is saved and safely stored—however, the manager and employee in question have access to the information at all times.
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Fair salary setting through data-driven insights

Managers are not supposed to set salaries based on his or her gut feelings, which unfortunately is more common than you might think. Being a manager, you need to understand an employee's actual performance to be able to set a fair salary. Our salary setting tool clearly explains what a specific person has accomplished in the past year, through a transparent performance review and self evaluation. Our tool also includes an employee's achievements over time, salary comparisons, and pay range. This give managers profound insights with which to base their next salary setting on.

A simple system and dedicated employees from Sysarb made the whole process very smooth.


We chose Sysarb thanks to their simple platform and professional guidance. We can definitely recommend Sysarb!


The gang at Sysarb are nice, service-minded, and have a flexible platform that creates great value for us.

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