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10 Podcasts to Listen to if You are a HR Professional

It’s no news for anyone that there is a lot of podcasts nowadays. They range from health, wellbeing to pop culture. They basically cover any genre you can think of. Podcasts could also be a great way to discover topics that can boost your creativity, confidence, and competence. We’ve listed ten podcasts that you can listen to if you work as a HR professional.

1. The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

This podcast explores on how to maintain a prolific, brilliant, and healthy lifestyle while working as a creative professional. It includes interviews of various authors, business leaders and artists who share ideas on how to thrive both in personal and work life.

2. The Productivity Show

This is a weekly podcast about how to manage time, increase productivity and your own happiness. They cover topics such as goal setting, time management, efficiency, and personal development.

3. Digital HR Leaders with David Green

David Green talks to vast range of senior HR leaders who push a data-driven and digital HR agenda. Get to listen from these driven leaders as they provide tips on how a HR personnel can prepare for the Future of Work.

4. Happiness at Work

As the first podcast dedicated to happiness at work, you’ll get inspired from interviews with different authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and industry experts as they discover they’re way of fostering happiness in the workplace while living passionate and purposeful lives.

5. The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan.

As the world is changing quickly, what do you need to do ensure success today and in the future? Listen to the futurist, best-selling author and speaker Jacob Morgan as he interviews some of the world’s top business leaders, educators, and authors.

6. Ledarutvecklingspodden

This podcast provides leaders ways to develop their skills through a leadership coach named Annah Thunberg and HR manager Karin Hansson as they provide practical tips and tools to strengthen leadership.

7. HR Digitaliseringspodden

As an HR personnel, do you encounter employees with issues or insecurities when it comes to digitization and technology? Then this is the right podcast for you. In this podcast, they address issues, questions, and ideas that you do not dare to ask.

8. Hej HR

HR director and CEO of “Sveriges HR-förering”, Lena Bjurner meets with experts from the business and the public sector where they get to discuss important topics ranging from business startups to large organizations. Get to listen to new episodes every second week.

9. AgilaHRpodden

This podcast addresses questions such as “Can HR professionals and leaders contribute to the new generation of organizations?”, “Can they drive development and shape how the work process should look like in the future?”. Listen to Frida Mangen, a HR Professional as she interviews interesting people with the hope of finding the answers and completing the whole work puzzle.

10. Ledarskap med Magnus och Kim

Leadership coaches Magnus and Kim share strategies on how you can develop and grow as a leader. Get practical tips on how you can develop your communicational skills, receive feedback, and address conflict. Listen to conversations such as leadership psychology, team development, stress management, personal development and much more.

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